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Nipple Stimulation

By on July 7, 2014

The nipples are a huge erogenous zone that are often overlooked in men and over stimulated in women.



First things first, I want to get this out the way. Unless your partner tells you they like their nipples bitten, twisted, yanked and pulled DO NOT DO IT!

The nipples are an extremely sensitive area and over stimulating can cause a lot of pain and even more discomfort.


Nipple Play

The nipples are said in women to stimulate the same part of the brain as vaginal stimulation does.

Licking and sucking are great but you can try lightly pinching and rolling the nipple between your index finger and thumb for a new sensation.

Try holding the nipple between your lips and gently sucking inward.

You can also use your lips to kiss and gently squeeze the nipple between your lips.




Nipple Toys

Nipple clamps provide a pinching sensation and most can be adjusted for the preference of the wearer. Where them loosely fitted for a light pinch or tightly for a more intense feeling. There are also clamps that have the added feature of electric stimulation through shock therapy (light or intense depending of what you desire) and clamps that also vibrate.

Vibrating Nipple Clamps

Vibrating Nipple Clamps

Nipple suckers give the wearer a sensation of having their nipples sucked or drawn out my creating an air tight seal on the nipple. These can also be worn to engorge the nipples making them more sensitive and receptive to touch.

Nipple gels and creams are made with the purpose of adding sensation to the nipple such as warming, tingling, cooling or flavor because who doesn’t love a pair of tasty tits?

Nipplicious Arousal Gel

Nipplicious Arousal Gel


What else? …

Don’t forget the areola, the surrounding circle of colored skin. This area in itself has a huge amount of pleasure receptors and is often overlooked.


Stimulating both breasts with different types of stimulation at the same time will make your partner go crazy.

Some men also find nipple stimulation to be arousing.

Lastly, make sure you are stimulating your partner’s nipples in the way they specifically need it. For example I personally need a more aggressive touch during nipple play and I enjoy a little pain with my nipple pleasure while other women may desire a more gentle approach.¬†Because this are can be very sensitive be aware of your partner’s preferences.

Have fun! and make nipple play part of your regular foreplay.



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